Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Test Prep Links

Link to 1st Period Quizizz Class

Link to 2nd Period Quizizz Class

Link to Kahoot Challenge
If you did not get at least 50 questions correct in class on Friday (May 24) or you would like to redo the assignment, then you need to complete the Kahoot Challenge linked above by next Tuesday at 3:00pm and report your score to Mr. Jensen.

Link to YouTube Review list

Link to Practice Exam

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

History Book Assignment

Working with a partner, you will be creating a history ebook that will be placed in the class library.

You will need to write a story in narrative form (either fact or historical fiction) about any topic that we have learned about in Chapter 13 or from the section in chapter 15 about the Farmers and Populists.
This will be done using an online ebook creator.

Click the link to Book Creator

The invite code is PRRJDCC

Once you decide the subject of your story, you can get started.
Choose the Landscape 4:3 layout.
Your book should be 10 pages in length including the title and back page.
Each page (excluding the Title and back page) should include at least one picture or image and 5 good sentences of content that are written in your own words.  Do not copy and paste from the internet and do not just copy what is in the book.
Each book should contain at least one video on one of the pages. (See Mr. J about how to embed a video)
The back page should give a brief summary of what your book is about.

Bonus points for creativity and neatness!


Title Page - Neat, catchy Title that piques the reader's interest with a picture and appealing graphics.  10 points
8 pages of content that includes 5 sentences of information that was learned about the subject in class. 40 points
10 relevant pictures  (at least one per page)  20 points
1 Video embedded in the presentation that is relevant to the subject. 10 points
80 Points Total

Tuesday, April 30, 2019